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ChatGPT & Generative AI

Fine-tune your Large Language Models and connect them directly into Dash to create groundbreaking data apps.

AI-Based Gene Expression Profiling

AI analysis of Thyroid cancer genes and bio-lab results.

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Stock Savvy News App

Dash App with LangChain that answers questions about current stock market news for companies in S&P 500.

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Knowledge-Base Explorer with AI

Use Dash with GPT4 to find answers from articles, websites, videos, and text.

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Connecting to APIs

API integrations allow data exchange between multiple systems, keeping data in sync and enhancing productivity. Explore how to Dash enables connection to any API.

Satellite Dashboard

Track and monitor satellites in real-time.

HERA Radio Telescope & Weather App

Visualize real-time scientific and geospatial data from the HERA radio telescope array.

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Space Exploration App

A real-time app that visualizes various aspects of space activity every 6 hours.

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Data Visualization & Dashboards

Bubble charts, heatmaps, interactive reports, and more. Explore how to use Dash for data visualization and dashboards.

Medical Provider Charges Dashboard

Explore medical provider charges across different states.

IOT Rainfall App

Explore rainfall data in this beautiful Python IOT dashboard.

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IMDb Analysis for Movies & Series

Visualize and analyze IMDB data for top movies and series and get recommendations based on your taste.

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Are you an ArcGIS user or working with shapefiles, geoJSONs, netCDFs, or geoTIFFS? Explore how to utilize Dash for geospatial projects.

World Atlas

Visualize hundreds of indicators across countries in this multi-page app.

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CBE Clima Visualization App

Visualize climate data with time series, heatmaps, maps, wind roses, and more.

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NOAA Saildrone Missions

Track sail drones deployed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Image, Video & Audio

Explore how to use Dash for interactive image processing, computer vision, video analysis, and audio engineering.

X-Ray Image Analysis

Annotate medical images to extract, train, and visualize occlusions.

Music Emotion Recognition

Filter songs by various parameters and run real time frequency analysis.

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Vehicle Perception & Computer Vision

A frame-by-frame autonomous vehicle explorer from the Lyft perception dataset in Python.

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Machine Learning

Unlike traditional BI tools, the Dash framework sits on top of machine learning models, giving it its interactive characteristic. Explore how to use Dash for machine learning.

Predicting Housing Prices

Correlate house features with this explainable machine learning app.

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Customer Segmentation

Segmenting telecom customers and predicting churn using random forest classifiers.

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Salesforce Explainable AI

An explainable AI dashboard by the Salesforce AI Research group.

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Natural Language Processing

If Dash can handle AI and large amounts of data, natural language processing (NLP) is the 'natural' next step. Explore how to put Dash to the test for NLP.

Bank Consumer Complaints

Natural Language Processing and customer segmentation from consumer complaints.

LDA Topic Analysis

Latent Dirichlet Allocation performed in Python across a scientific paper dataset.

Research Analytics

Explore topics, authors, and papers across several journals.

Predictive Analytics, Forecasting

Traditional BI tools answers, "What happened?". Plotly and Dash answers, "What if?". Explore these examples of Python in predictive analytics and forecasting.

Financial Forecasting

A comparison of 15 Python time series forecasting models across 108 indicators.

Harvard Age Prediction

Chronological age predictors with the tools of deep learning.

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Learn about the steps needed to work with time series data, fitting sARIMA models to make predictions.

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Sports Analytics

Kansas City Chiefs utilize Dash for social media analytics, real-time ticket pricing, and predictive analytics for gameday crowds. Explore other ways to use Python and Dash for sports analytics.

NFL Stats Dashboard

Visualize NFL offense statistics with interactive charts for player and team stats over multiple seasons.

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Formula 1 Grand Prix

View and compare lap by lap times of all grand prix races.

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NBA Assists

Track NBA assists, shot coordinates, and player performance across multiple seasons.

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Bioinformatics & Life Sciences

Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS) is not the first to visualize health data through Dash's interactive platform. Explore examples of bioinformatics in a variety of Python and Dash applications, ranging from genomics, public health, clinical trials, 3D images, and more.

Biomolecular Visualization

Visualization of biomolecular interactions in proteins and biological complexes.

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Clinical Patient Dashboard

Explore clinic patient volume by time of day, waiting time, and care score.

National Wastewater Surveillance

A realtime dashboard exploring emerging variants of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater in Austria.

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What do Lululemon, Campbell's, and Colgate have in common? They all use Python and Dash to achieve digital transformation. Explore Dash app examples in business, ranging from customer segmentation, retail demand forecasting, and more.

Bank Consumer Complaints

Natural Language Processing and customer segmentation from consumer complaints.

Customer Segmentation

Segmenting telecom customers and predicting churn using random forest classifiers.

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Retail Demand Transference

Predicting consumer product demand for retails across store locations.

Energy & Utilities

Uniper uses Dash Enterprise to scale energy trading analytics in a collaborative Azure Databricks notebook environment. Explore other examples of Python Dash applications for energy and utilities use cases.

MPP Global Project Tracker

Track the 2030 milestones for decarbonising heavy-emitting industry and transport sectors.

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European Power Flow

Visualization of the European transmission network with the PyPSA-Eur package.

Precious Trade App

Explore global trade networks for various precious metals and stones in 2022.

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Dash helps financial organizations like S&P Global, Liberty Mutual, Santander adapt to market trends and stay ahead of competition. Explore examples of Python and Dash in finance, ranging from quantitative analysis, machine learning, portfolio optimization, and NLP.

Predicting House Prices

Correlate house features with this explainable machine learning app.

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Quantitative Analysis

A beautiful, interactive quantitative analysis report by a quant at Credit Suisse.

Acquisitions and Mergers

Explore the concentration of consolidated assets among the top 4 banks in the US.

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Manufacturing & R&D

Organizations are searching for tools to accelerate data-driven decision-making. Dash is here to help. Explore Python applications for manufacturing and research and development, ranging from laboratory data collection, IoT, real-time dashboards, and more.

Manufacturing SPC App

Monitoring real-time process quality with statistical process control in Python.

Product Environmental Report

The environmental impact of Thermoplan’s coffee machines in full transparency.

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Science & Engineering

The right tools can accelerate scientific advancements by gathering large amounts of data, facilitating research, and finding insights. Explore Dash app examples in science and engineering, including finite element method, contract for difference, physics modeling, and simulations, and more.

Wind Farm Viewer

Visualize turbine data at a wind farm off the coast of England.

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Berkeley Materials Project

Over 200,000 scientists use Materials Project to analyze over 140K materials across 14 apps.

Silicon Furnace Model

Python Finite Element Model (FEM) simulations of a silicon furnace.

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