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Plotly Grows Great People

Our remote-first team unites people from around the globe in a single goal: bring the world’s business and scientific communities the easiest means to build, deploy, and scale interactive data visualizations and analytics applications in Python.

We’re looking for individuals who will grow with us. People who can harmonize highly autonomous work with a collaborative, cross-team mindset, and who can maintain course in changeable environments, will thrive at Plotly.

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How We Work

Here are four key cultural attributes that we rely on at Plotly:


Plotly employees have a high level of autonomy to execute their responsibilities. To be successful, you must be able to effectively communicate with your team members, taking into account asynchronous schedules and cultural differences.

Trust Factor

A remote-first, asynchronous work structure requires all employees to understand their roles and the roles of others. When we trust each other to execute on our respective responsibilities, it allows each of us to focus more fully on our roles, and to reach our goals together.


Staying informed across teams, and working together based on a common understanding, are critical to Plotly's success as an organization. We must be mindful that our actions can help or hinder other teams and individuals, and ensure that we are all on an upward trajectory together.

Driven by Data

All decisions must be backed by supporting data, whether everyday business decisions or corporate strategic changes. Organizational change is serious business, and we commit to communicating the evidence behind our decisions so that all members of the team understand the dynamics that affect the work environment we all share.

What you can expect if you join us

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Work at Plotly, Improve the World

Plotly’s libraries are used by millions worldwide and embedded into mission-critical applications across the Fortune 500. Join us in building software that enables data scientists to get to work on the world’s toughest challenges.

  • WPO

    Renewable Energy

    • Europe’s largest independent renewable assets manager uses Dash to keep over 6 Gigawatts of hydroelectric, solar, wind and battery storage sites healthy, operative and competitive.
  • STEM
    • Research in over 30 countries uses Dash to further the bounds of science, technology, engineering and mathematical fields.
  • Public Health

    Public Health

    • Institutions including Singapore’s Ministry of Health and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reference Dash apps to keep themselves and the public informed on COVID-19.
  • Transportation

    Accessible Transportation

    • A major metropolitan transportation authority uses Dash to help over 2,000 passengers with disabilities get where they need to go every day.

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