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App Manager enables teams to securely deploy, manage, and share their Dash apps on a scalable Kubernetes platform.

The Dash Enterprise App Manager enables teams to deploy, manage, and share all of their Dash apps through a single portal and admin user interface.

Use multiple App Managers for different stages of Dash app development: Prototyping, UAT, and Production.

With Dash Enterprise App Manager, your team can deploy, manage, and share all of their Dash apps with unlimited end users on a scalable Kubernetes platform.

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Authentication & Security Middleware
Manage & Maintain
Application Analytics
Password Vault

Authentication & security middleware.

Each Dash app will have a unique URL that you can configure, allowing you to easily and securely share apps with colleagues or clients. Dash Enterprise maintains the complex URL routing and SSL-termination that's required when running multiple apps on a single server or Kubernetes cluster.

Dash Enterprise integrates with LDAP, AD, SAML, PingFederate, and Kerberos with no extra development effort required. With built-in authentication headers, Dash apps can provide row-level security and role-specific views.


Build, test, deploy—no IT or DevOps required.

🔍Enable individuals and teams throughout the organization with discoverable analytic apps.

☁️Install on-premises or in the cloud (Azure, AWS, and GCP).

✈︎Quickly iterate and deploy updates to applications to respond quickly to changing business demands.

💾Add a caching layer to your Dash apps with Dash Enterprise's onboard database (Redis or Postgres).

💻Deploy Dash apps without needing IT or DevOps.

🔒Lock down your Dash apps with built-in security features and auth via LDAP, PingFederate, Okta, SAML, or Kerberos.

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