User Stories & White Papers

Plotly, Uniper

Dash Enterprise Scales Uniper’s Energy Trading Analytics

Uniper develops trading decision-support tools and advanced analytics data apps in a collaborative Azure Databricks notebook environment.

Plotly, SICS

Research Institute Visualizes Health Data Through Interactive Platform

Dash Enterprise enables Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS) to deploy data catalogs, analytics, and published research.

Plotly, Intuit

Intuit Leverages Dash Enterprise to Reduce Experiment Runtime by 50%

Python and Dash Enterprise empower a leading global financial technology platform to standardize experiments.

Book of Dash

Build Data Apps with Python and Plotly

Discount code valid until December 31, 2022

Co-written by Plotly Community Manager, Adam Schroeder, this book will teach you how to create and use the essential components of an interactive data app, including the dropdown, radio button, slider, and more.

Plotly, Equinor

Equinor Develops Visualization Platform Utilizing Dash

Equinor’s subsurface team chose Dash to meet their analysis needs across 15 oil fields and on the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Dash Enterprise




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