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Dash and ChatGPT

The future of AI-enabled apps is here. As a Python-based framework, Dash offers integration with ChatGPT and large language models (LLMs). By combining the power of Dash and ChatGPT, you can unlock the ability to quickly build interactive visualizations with a single prompt, create new web tools like a writing assistant, or even build custom geospatial maps.

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Dash and ChatGPT for Geospatial Use Cases

Among the wide range of analytic needs that Dash and ChatGPT can be used for, geospatial projects are especially prominent. View the following examples to learn how this powerful combination enables interactive map apps with customized filtering options and components, refined aesthetics, and more.

  • Prompt Engineering

    Prompt Engineering ChatGPT

    • See how to go from a travel sample dataset to innovative data visualization charts built in Dash without any Python code.
  • Coffee Production

    Streamlining Interactive Maps

    • Find a dataset, generate a folium map, and build an interactive web app all with ChatGPT and Dash.
  • Data Storytelling

    Insanely Fast Data Storytelling

    • See how to ChatGPT offers a shortcut to using Pandas, Plotly, Folium, and Dash for interactive map apps.
  • Turbocharge with Python

    Turbocharge with ChatGPT and Python

    • Starting with the NASA forest fire dataset, see how ChatGPT and Dash enables a visual option to filter information based on month.
  • Rapid Python Visualizations

    Rapid Python Data Visualizations with ChatGPT

    • Using a sample Olympic medals dataset and ChatGPT, see how to create stacked area and bar charts with refined aesthetics.
  • ChatGPT's Magic Touch

    ChatGPT’s Magic Touch

    • Starting with a CSV data file, see how to use ChatGPT to create an interactive world Dash app with a time slider.

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