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Data Visualization & Dashboards

Bubble charts, heatmaps, interactive reports, and more. Explore how to use Dash for data visualization and dashboards.

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Clinical Patient Dashboard

Explore clinic patient volume by time of day, waiting time, and care score.


Medical Provider Charges Dashboard

Explore medical provider charges across different states.

Retail Demand Transference

Predicting consumer product demand for retails across store locations.

3D Materials Visualization

Visualize construction materials in an interactive 3D chart.

Uber Rides Geospatial Data

Explore pick up locations of millions of Uber rides in NYC.

CBE Clima Visualization App

Visualize climate data with time series, heatmaps, maps, wind roses and more.

HERA Radio Telescope & Weather App

Visualize real-time scientific and geospatial data from the HERA radio telescope array.

World Atlas

Visualize hundreds of indicators across countries in this multi-page app.

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