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Science & Engineering

The right tools can accelerate scientific advancements by gathering large amounts of data, facilitating research, and finding insights. Explore Dash app examples in science and engineering, including finite element method, contract for difference, physics modeling, and simulations, and more.

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Wind Farm Viewer

Visualize turbine data at a wind farm off the coast of England.


Berkeley Materials Project

Over 200,000 scientists use Materials Project to analyze over 140K materials across 14 apps.

Silicon Furnace Model

Python Finite Element Model (FEM) simulations of a silicon furnace.

Airfoil CFD Design

Example of Python AeroSandbox for computational fluid dynamics in Python.

Structural Mechanics

A dozen interactive civil engineering and structural mechanics models in Python.

TOUGH Simulators

Geothermal reservoir engineering simulators by the LBNL.

FFT Waveform Analysis

Python digital signal processing app for industrial IoT.

Interactive Image Segmentation

A scikit-image example that extracts rich metadata from an image.

Explore Mass-Spectrometry

Exploring 20 years of data from the West Coast Metabolomics Center at UC Davis.

Battery Hazard Analysis App

Evaluation of fire and explosion hazard for lithium-ion batteries.

Bonham Code App

Interactive graphs that fit replicate data to the Michaelis-Menten kinetics equation.

Geotechnical Engineering Models

10 geotechnical engineering models in Python including seismic classification, site design, and more.

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