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Databricks with Plotly

The founders of Databricks created Apache Spark, as well as other open-source data science and machine learning projects, making them valued Plotly partners. Dash applications using Databricks can be easily developed and deployed to Dash Enterprise.

View the Plotly Dash documentation or access the resources below to get started.

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Databricks and Plotly Dash - Connection Options

Easily connect your Databricks back end to Dash with the Python SQL Connector, Jobs API, Databricks CLI, or Databricks Connect.

  • SQLAlchemy

    Python SQL Connector with SQLAlchemy

    • Seamlessly build Dash Apps on a Lakehouse with Databricks SQL. Use the Databricks SQL Connector for Python to connect to Dash and run SQL commands on Databricks clusters and warehouses.
  • Jobs API
    • Use the Databricks Jobs API to run a data processing task for your Dash app in a cluster with scalable resources. Suitable for single tasks or large, multi-task workflows.
  • Databricks Connect v2

    Databricks Connect v2

    • With Databricks Connect v2, connect to Dash directly to your Databricks Lakehouse and use Dash Enterprise Workspaces IDE for interactive development and debugging.

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