Productizing AI & ML for Predictive Maintenance with Dash

Register for this special joint webinar with Olivier Blais of Moov AI and Nicolas Kruchten of Plotly as they demonstrate how to operationalize predictive maintenance to improve operational efficiencies, measure churn, and reduce costs.

AI/ML in the era of COVID-19

Register for this live webinar featuring Emma Gouillart, maintainer of Scikit-Image and Plotly scientist-in-residence, as she demonstrates best practices for transforming COVID-19 data into interactive Dash apps.

Learn Dash from Plotly's CTO

In this recorded webinar, Plotly's Chief Technology Officer, Alex Johnson, walks through how to maximize Dash's Pattern-Matching Callbacks to write callbacks that respond to or update multiple components on-the-fly.

Do More with Dash Enterprise 3.4

Watch this webinar by Chris Parmer, Plotly's Chief Product Officer, to learn about the expanded capabilities of Dash Enterprise 3.4. These include High Availability/Kubernetes (K8S) Support and user license management.

Operationalizing Data Science Models with Dash

Dash Core Engineer, Shammamah Hossain, walks through how Dash Enterprise can increase your business's productivity and improve communication by operationalizing data science models.

Discovering Dash: Analytic Web Apps for the Enterprise

Learn about Dash Enterprise from its inventor, Chris Parmer! See how it solves business challenges like app deployment, user interface management, data monitoring, and analytics delivery.


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