Snapshot Engine

Create, annotate, archive, and share point-in-time views of your Dash apps.

With the Dash Enterprise Snapshot Engine, you can create, annotate, archive, and share point-in-time views of your Dash apps.

With only a few lines of code, Snapshot Engine adds powerful capabilities to your Dash apps:

  • Share a link to point-in-time Dash app views
  • Trigger email and PDF reports programmatically
  • Enable on-demand snapshots through the Dash app UI
  • Automate nightly snapshots to archive Dash app state
  • Draw or comment directly on the Dash app canvas, then share by email

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Automated, Pixel Perfect PDF Generation.

Dash Enterprise includes a PDF generation engine that reliably converts your Dash apps into PDFs. The PDF engine is designed to work with the high level Page & Report components in the Dash Enterprise Design Kit, so that you can build pixel-perfect PDF reports entirely in Python. No devops or CSS required.

The Snapshot Engine generates PDFs on the server instead of in the end user’s browser to ensure consistent, uniform layouts and to enable entirely programmatic PDF reporting pipelines as part of Dash callbacks or job queues.

Share Dash app state as a link or PDF.

Enable Dash app end users to create and share a link (or PDF) to exactly what they are seeing in your Dash app.

Snapshot Engine serializes the Dash app state (including the app data), saves it in Dash Enterprise’s onboard database, then returns a unique, secure URL to the Snapshot.

Draw directly on the Dash app canvas.

Enable Dash app end users to draw or comment directly on the Dash app canvas. 

Once an annotation is made, it becomes part of the Dash app state and can be shared or archived as a Snapshot.

Build your archive.

Ever wish you could go back and time and see what went wrong? With Dash Enterprise, you can schedule your regular report generation to be archived in case you need it. Instant time machine? Check ✓

Monitor your apps.

When things go wrong (or really right), you need to know about it. With Dash Enterprise you can monitor your data for issues and then trigger an email alert to get the right eyes on it—and fast.

Analytics and reporting in a single platform.

📷Create on-demand reports as shareable links or downloadable PDFs.

📈Automate monitoring and reporting of real-time streaming data.

📝Modernize and consolidate auditing and compliance infrastructure.

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