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Bioinformatics & Life Sciences

Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS) is not the first to visualize health data through Dash's interactive platform. Explore examples of bioinformatics in a variety of Python and Dash applications, ranging from genomics, public health, clinical trials, 3D images, and more.

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Biomolecular Visualization

Visualization of biomolecular interactions in proteins and biological complexes.

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Clinical Patient Dashboard

Explore clinic patient volume by time of day, waiting time, and care score.

National Wastewater Surveillance

A realtime dashboard exploring emerging variants of SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater in Austria.

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MRI Reconstruction

Interactive MRI visualization with point-and-click interactivity.

X-Ray Image Analysis

Annotate medical images to extract, train, and visualize occlusions.

Genomic Sequences Alignment Viewer

Visualize genomic and proteomic sequences from FASTA or Clustal files in Python.

3D Molecule Visualization

Visualize drug characteristics and molecular structure in 3D.

High Performance Genomics Data

Demo of the IGV component built by the Broad Institute and UC San Diego.

Interactive Image Segmentation

A scikit-image example that extracts rich metadata from an image.

Needle Plot

Display mutations in a genome with a Python needleplot.

3D Molecule Viewer

Visualize 3D biomolecules in a variety of representations.

Onco Print

Visualize genomic alteration events.

Sequence Viewer

Visualize FASTA genomic sequences in Python.

Fisheries Bycatch Analysis

Explore catch and bycatch by quantity and species in North Icelandic lumpfish gillnet fisheries.

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Multi-tissue proteomics

Explore a proteomics dataset that identified protein interactors for 3 Drosophila DNA binding proteins.

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Hydrogen-Transport Properties App

The goal of this tool is to help scientists visualise material properties and compare them.

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Dash Molstar for SARS-COV-2

Example usage of Dash-Molstar for visualizing molecular structures and data in web applications.

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Perineuronal Nets

Interactive visualizations of PNN data in the brain of adult mice.

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Marjorie Type 1 Diabetes

A web-based approach to visualize and explore patterns in type 1 diabetes data.

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