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ChatGPT & Generative AI

Fine-tune your Large Language Models and connect them directly into Dash to create groundbreaking data apps.

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AI-Based Gene Expression Profiling

AI analysis of Thyroid cancer genes and bio-lab results.


Stock Savvy News App

Dash App with LangChain that answers questions about current stock market news for companies in S&P 500.

Knowledge-Base Explorer with AI

Use Dash with GPT4 to find answers from articles, websites, videos, and text.

Rental GPT for NYC

Explore the NYC real estate market with customer interest, rental cost predictions, and the LLaMA model.

Data Insights with Dash and OpenAI

Upload datasets, create charts using Dash Chart Editor, and ask questions about the dataset to a chatbot.

Find the AI

Dash and ChatGPT-based game that challenges you to distinguish quotes between AI and Humans.

Advertools for Online Marketing

An open source tool for online marketing, SEO, SEM, crawling, text analysis, and more.

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