Data Science Workspaces

Be productive from Day 1. Write and execute Python, R, & Julia code from Dash Enterprise's onboard code editor.

Bring Python, R, and Julia into your organization at massive scale with Data Science Workspaces. Data Science Workspaces support authoring and execution of Dash apps, Jupyter notebooks, and scripts.

Data Science Workspaces makes it easier for new team members to be productive from Day 1, allowing multiple development environments for each branch of work.


No fuss Dash app authoring.

Log into Dash Enterprise, open your Data Science Workspaces, and start coding - it's as simple as that.

Once you've written your Dash app, test and deploy it directly from your Data Science Workspaces.

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Jupyter notebooks.

Our team has been using Jupyter notebooks for over a decade. The creator of Jupyter was Plotly's first advisor, and Plotly was the first corporate sponsor of nteract. We're champions for the Jupyter notebook products and community.

With Data Science Workspaces, bring Jupyter notebooks into your corporate environment through Dash Enterprises's secure, scalable Kubernetes platform.


Data science for your Enterprise.

For data scientists, battling with IT to set up a Python, R, or Julia environment is a relic of the past. Data Science Workspaces ship with everything you'd expect from a world-class data science workstation.

For IT, worrying about rogue data science software and security holes are relics of the past. Data Science Workspaces run in secure Docker containers that are managed, monitored, and scaled with modern Kubernetes infrastructure.

Dash Enterprise can be installed on-premises or on your corporate cloud (Azure, AWS, or GCP).

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Batteries included.

Don't worry - Data Science Workspaces aren't anemic Python sandboxes. These are full-fledged development environments that run in their own Docker containers.

Data Science Workspaces include a CLI, pip install, Dash app preview & deployment, inline Plotly charting, an onboard database (Redis or Postgres), a debugger, version control, and CSV/dataframe inspection.

You'll never want to go back to your desktop workstation.

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Bring Python, R, and Julia into your Enterprise.

🐋 Write and execute data science code within secure Docker containers.

🏁 Develop & deploy Dash apps from start to finish, entirely on Dash Enterprise.

📓Develop data science, AI, and ML algorithms in Jupyter notebooks.

💻Upskill Python and R beginners quickly by not requiring a desktop IDE.

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