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Are you an ArcGIS user or working with shapefiles, geoJSONs, netCDFs, or geoTIFFS? Explore how to utilize Dash for geospatial projects.

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World Atlas

Visualize hundreds of indicators across countries in this multi-page app.


CBE Clima Visualization App

Visualize climate data with time series, heatmaps, maps, wind roses, and more.

NOAA Saildrone Missions

Track sail drones deployed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Rainfall Stations

Track rainfall and other metrics from several Python IOT rainfall stations.

Uber Rides Geospatial Data

Explore pick up locations of millions of Uber rides in NYC.

England and Wales House Prices

View house prices by postcode sector in this interactive choropleth Python app.

NOAA Ocean Monitoring Center

Our customer NOAA made this app to easily follow sea temperature, pressure, and salinity.

Climate Zones on the Move

Interactive visual window into our planet's changing climate, based on recent climate model predictions.

Earth's Surface Deformation Monitor

Explore how surface deformation due to volcanic activity is monitored in the Icelandic Met Office.

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