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Plotly & Mila

Plotly and Mila announce partnership to combine data visualization and AI expertise

Read the press release to learn how it highlights the importance of interactive visualization for understanding artificial intelligence processes and outputs.

Dashboard Engine

Plotly Announces Newest Version of Dash Enterprise Analytic Application Deployment Platform

Largest release to date enables artificial intelligence beyond traditional BI tools, introduces low-code capabilities for data scientists and drag-and-drop custom views for business users.


Uber uses Dash to Stream Real-Time Analytics

Uber engineers describe a method of streaming real-time analytics with Redis, AWS Fargate, and Dash Framework to address operational challenges of working remotely due to COVID-19.

T Systems

T-Systems and Plotly Partner to Deliver Powerful Data Science Visualizations

We are happy to announce the partnership between T-Systems and Plotly! The world's leading data visualization tool combines with T-System's Data Integration

How AE Studio built a better software estimation tool on Dash Enterprise

Learn how AE Studio, a data science and design consultancy, used Dash Enterprise to build a machine learning tool called the Better Pivotal Estimator. This agile tool allows Fortune 500 companies to improve operations by increasing the reliability of software project estimates.


T-Mobile's take on Rapid App Development

In this article, T-Mobile explains why they chose to explore low-code frameworks (such as Plotly’s Dash) with the primary objective of increasing velocity of solution development for advanced analytics workflows.

You Ask The Right Questions

In this episode of DataFemme, Plotly's Head of People & Ops, Laura Gray, shares why she chose Plotly, the advantages of working at a startup, and her perspective towards finding balance and creating a mindful workplace culture.

Emma podcast

When Data is Your Canvas

Plotly's Scientist-in-Residence and Maintainer of Scikit-Image, Emmanuelle Gouillart, was recently featured in an episode of the DataFemme podcast. Learn about her journey from physics and material science to open-source data visualization.

IQT partnership

Why IQT made the COVID-19 Diagnostic Accuracy Dash App

Learn how IQT used the data of 155 COVID-19 Diagnostic tests in an interactive Dash app to help the medical community and public.

Visualizing Data During a Pandemic, with Plotly’s Nicolas Kruchten

Plotly's VP Product, Nicolas Kruchten, was recently featured in IQT's podcast. Listen to the 23 min episode to learn how Plotly and other analytics/forecasting technology are helping COVID-19 research!

NVIDIA dashboard

An Interactive 2010 Census Plotly-Dash Visualization Accelerated By RAPIDS

Plotly has partnered with NVIDIA to release a landmark COVID-19 Dash app.

Alex J Podcast

Plotly w/ Alex Johnson

Plotly’s CTO, was invited to speak on the Scatter Data Podcast with Javier Orraca and Joel Dayrit. Alex talks about the inspiration, mission, and future of Plotly and Dash

Towards Data Science

Plotly founder on what data science is, and where it’s going

Plotly's CPO and inventor of Dash, Chris Parmer, was featured in a recent episode of the Towards Data Science podcast to discuss what data science is and where it's going.


Canadian SME National Business Awards selects Plotly top place to work and nominates as Business of the Year

Plotly’s combination of professional development opportunities–including the ability to work on leading-edge projects across a variety of verticals–and industry-leading benefits packages set it apart from other employers.

Scale AI partnership

Scale AI Awards $1.7M to Plotly to Speed Innovation in Supply Chain AI

Plotly will use the grant to accelerate development of Dash, the company’s platform for building interactive analytic applications.

Daybreak episode

Pushing for maternity leave benefits at a Montreal startup

In an episode of CBC's Daybreak Montreal, Plotly's Head of People & Operations, Laura Gray, shares how she pioneered new maternity leave benefits for the company.

Real Ventures: Building a top-performing startup engineering team

At Plotly, pursuing gender parity is an important strategy for success. That’s because building diversity into business is a practical way to drive innovation and returns.

Microsoft partnership

Microsoft Faculty Connection: Data science in visual studio code using Neuron, a new VS code extension

This post gives a short explanation of neuron, a Visual Studio Code extension that aims to be a one-stop-shop for data scientists.

Sherbrooke press release

Plotly and Université de Sherbrooke to develop genomic visualization with innovation funding

Plotly will provide training and access to its software engineers, who will assist the researchers with using Dash to visualize both the very small, such as RNA and gene structures, and the very large, like the evolutionary relationships between transcripts, genes and species.

Plotly releases Dash DAQ

Dash DAQ provides Python users the means to create interactive virtual control panels on their computers that interface with common lab instruments.

Forbes logo

Forbes: Here Are The 7 Best Tools For 2018

Plotly is named one of the best data visualization tools for 2018 by Forbes.

Nature Magazine: Data visualization tools drive interactivity and reproducibility in online publishing

New tools for building interactive figures and software make scientific data more accessible, and reproducible.

SD Times: Companies to watch in 2018

Plotly is named one of the top companies to watch in 2018 by the SD Times.

Alteryx logo

Alteryx joins forces with Plotly to enable datavis throughout the analytics lifecycle

Integrating Plotly’s open-source visualization technology, business analysts gain additional flexibility within the Alteryx self-service analytics platform

S&P Global: RatingsDirect® launches new data visualization feature

S&P Global Market Intelligence announced the latest enhancement to its RatingsDirect® (RD) platform—Collaboration with Plotly provides visually intuitive ways for end users to receive data and information.

VentureBeat: Data science cloud service Plotly raises $5.5M

Plotly announced that it raised $5.5 million in a series A round.

betakit logo

BetaKit: Plotly raises $5.5M series A from RHO Ventures, MHS Capital, Real Ventures, and others

Plotly announced the close of a $5.5 million Series A round today, led by MHS Capital, Siemens Venture Capital, Rho Ventures, Real Ventures, and Silicon Valley Bank.


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