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Gamma Technologies and Plotly Partner on Updates to Industry-Leading Engineering Simulation Platform

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  • A leading producer of software for conventional and electric vehicle engineering partners with Plotly Professional Services to support automated chart creation in their simulation platform.
  • The team saved 30% development time by using Plotly to introduce new scientific chart types that were previously unavailable in the platform’s plotting engine.
  • When compared with 10 open-source solutions, Plotly was the leading choice to expand the plotting engine’s capabilities when weighing the impacts of change on end-user experience.


For over 25 years, Gamma Technologies has produced leading simulation software with wide applications in conventional, hybrid, and electric vehicle engineering. When it came time for Gamma Technologies to update their product’s data plotting engine, their team engaged Plotly’s Professional Services to ensure a smooth and thorough transition while reducing development and maintenance costs.

“Plotly.js has many different plot types that most companies need, as well as a huge amount of documentation and users discussing problems and solutions. Investigating all the available plot types that exist was a main motivator for choosing Plotly. For example, a Sankey diagram would have taken us months to build, but we were able to implement it quickly.”

Isabel Deuerling, Senior Product Engineer, User Experience at Gamma Technologies


Gamma Technologies’ GT-SUITE is an established software for multi-scale, multi-physics system simulations. Any major change must be implemented with care to ensure an optimal end-user experience for the thousands of engineers who use the platform. When preparing to overhaul GT-SUITE’s plotting engine, the product team spent many months evaluating more than 10 open-source graphing libraries to find a solution that would:

  • Feasibly achieve parity of chart types with their current plotting engine, which had been built in-house in Java.
  • Reduce the development and maintenance costs of implementing new plotting capabilities going forward.
  • Integrate easily with the product’s automated graphing functionalities.


After evaluating more than 10 open-source graphing libraries, Gamma Technologies tried the open-source Plotly.js Graphing Library.

  • Plotly’s large scope of scientific and technical computing chart types already covered around 60% to 70% of the charts represented in Gamma Technologies’ current plotting engine.
  • Gamma Technologies engaged Plotly’s Professional Services team, collaborating to ensure the successful implementation of the Plotly.js library within the GT-SUITE desktop application.
  • Plotly’s Professional Services team developed automatic formatting capabilities in the Plotly.js library to support the automated chart creation that Gamma Technologies’ end users had come to expect from the platform.


Gamma Technologies made an impactful business decision by engaging Plotly Professional Services and leveraging the extensive scope of technical computing chart types available within the Plotly.js Graphing Library.

  • 20%-30% total development time saved on developing new chart types for GT-SUITE, such as the Sankey diagram, which would have required months to build without Plotly.js.
  • Reduced maintenance and time costs of implementing new plotting features because Plotly.js already accommodated many of the GT-SUITE’s existing technical computing chart types.
  • Gamma Technologies continues to integrate Plotly.js in more applications within the GT-SUITE platform, expanding their audience’s access to interactive technical computing visualization.

About Gamma Technologies

Gamma Technologies, LLC. develops and licenses GT-SUITE, a leading multi-scale, multi-physics system simulation software. GT-SUITE includes a complete library of physics-based models covering fluid flow, thermal systems, mechanics, electromagnetics, chemistry, and controls. It supports the entire development cycle from concept to validation. GT-SUITE applications include a wide variety of engineering systems in conventional, hybrid, and electric vehicles that include powertrains, engines, batteries, fuel cells, motors, power electronics, compressors, catalysts, acoustics, cooling, thermal management, HVAC, hydraulics, lubrication, multi-body mechanics, and much more.

About Gamma Technologies

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