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Installation Guides

Dash Enterprise has the ability to support multiple installation environments including single server setup on virtual machines in the cloud or Bare Metal installation setup.


Dash Enterprise supports multiple installation paths; however, Plotly recommends virtual machine environments for easy onboarding, high security, availability, and cost-effectiveness of installation.

Dash Enterprise offers virtual machine installations on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud (documentation). Bare metal server installation is also available (documentation).

  • After installing Dash Enterprise, you will be asked for a license key to activate the software and begin deploying Dash apps. Please contact sales to obtain this license key.
  • Please reference the Dash Enterprise FAQ for virtual machine specifications and common Dash app deployment questions.
  • Note: For custom/special installations, please contact sales.

Some of the benefits of installing or upgrading to Dash Enterprise 5.2 and beyond include:

  • Scalability


    Deploy and manage hundreds of Dash apps on large VM and bare metal servers environments.

  • Global Restricted Access

    Global Restricted Access

    Stringent controls on viewer access and sharing features, bolstering data security measures.

  • Performance and Reliability

    Performance and Reliability

    Monitor and restrict app memory usage while integrating with the existing roles and permissions system.

  • Advanced Security and Controls

    Advanced Security and Controls

    Dash Enterprise caters to the specific security needs of highly-regulated organizations by enabling installations in highly complex enterprise environments.

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