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Access these pre-built Dash apps by industry as inspiration and starter templates.


Dash helps data scientists & quants operationalize Python models

Dash helps data scientists & quants operationalize Python models
Global pharmaceutical company

"The distinguishing factor between PowerBI and what Dash NLP analytic apps can do, is offer that next step up of a 'cognitive dashboard' rather than all the other standard dashboards out there."

Global Pharmaceutical Company & Dash Enterprise Customer



Dash is the fastest way to deploy Python-based apps for natural language processing (NLP).

Use NLP + Dash to extract business value from large amounts of unstructured text:

  • Digitized company documents
  • Research articles
  • Customer reviews
  • Transcribed audio recordings
  • Social media streams

This Dash app demos Google's word2vec in ~300 lines of Python code

  • AV Lidar Visualization

    AV Lidar Visualization

    • This Dash app loads scenes collected from self-driving car trips, and displays both lidar sensor data and human annotated data (bounding boxes). You can choose between a basic and an advanced UI. Get the source code and read the blog post.
  • Lyft AV Explorer
    • This Dash app shows how to build a real-time AV explorer from scratch using Dash Deck and the Lyft perception dataset. The code is easily customizable and also compatible with 3D detection models written in Python.
  • Video Annotation
    • Given a pre-annotated video, this Dash app lets you run 2D object detection on a selected frame. You can also edit the annotations, add new bounding boxes, and export the new data table.
  • DETR Object Detection
    • The release of DETR: End-to-End Object Detection with Transformers showed significant improvement in real-time object detection and panoptic segmentation (PS), while greatly simplifying the architecture. As a mean to test the model, we decided to build a simple Dash app that let you experiment and play with the model through a user interface.
  • Real-time object detection
    • This Dash app shows how Dash can be used to execute AI models like the YOLO v3 object-detection algorithm in real-time. Check out this article for full details.
  • uber price prediction
    • This Dash app analyzes 120 million Uber trips in real-time to predict the cost of Uber trips through NYC. Read the blog post.

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