Plotly Wins Bronze Award in the category of Achievement in the Use of Data & Analytics at the 2023 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.


Databricks and Dash Integration

The founders of Databricks created Apache Spark, as well as other open-source data science and machine learning projects, making them valued Plotly partners. The Databricks platform offers a notebook interface, similar to Jupyter Notebooks, to leverage Apache Spark. Dash applications using Databricks can be easily developed and deployed to Dash Enterprise.

Uniper Architecture

Dash Enterprise and Databricks Scales Uniper’s Energy Trading Analytics

Uniper develops trading decision-support tools and advanced analytics data apps using a workflow that includes initial collaboration in Azure Databricks notebooks. View the webinar highlight reel.

Molson Coors

Molson Coors Streamlines Supply Planning Workflows with Databricks & Plotly Dash

Migrating from Excel using Databricks SQLAlchemy & Plotly Dash AG Grid to deliver editable data apps with write-back capabilities


On-Demand Technical Session

December 13, 2022

Learn from solution architects from Databricks and Plotly to learn how the platforms offer a combined solution to ensure fast processing and visualization of real-time and large data.


Medium: Build Real-Time Production Data Apps with Databricks & Plotly Dash

The process for building at-scale interactive Plotly Dash analytics apps for streaming data via Databricks is accomplished by using the Databricks Structured Streaming solution in conjunction with the Databricks SQL python connector (DB SQL).


Medium: Building Plotly Dash Apps on a Lakehouse with Databricks SQL

For building Plotly Dash apps on Databricks, the integration process is identical to any data warehouse. Use the databricks-sql python connector (DBSQL) to create a jdbc/odbc connection to a DBSQL endpoint, or use an ORM such as SQLAlchemy.

Dash Enterprise for Public Utility Operations

Customer Story: Dash Enterprise for Public Utility Operations

Within one year, Dash enabled a major public utility to reduce its customer complaints by 10 times, scaling Dash usage within the company and integrating AI and Databricks.

Dash Apps Built with Dash Enterprise

Dash provides a friendly Python interface for creating flexible, interactive, and customizable apps that connect directly to your analytics code.

  • Plotly

    Dash Apps with Databricks

    • Seamlessly build Dash Apps on a Lakehouse with Databricks SQL. Use the databricks-sql python connector (DBSQL) to create a jdbc/odbc connection to a DBSQL endpoint, or use an ORM such as SQLAlchemy.
  • Dash-Databricks


    • databricks-dash is a licensed library included with Dash Enterprise, which can be installed and imported for coding and running applications in Databricks notebooks.


Dask enables your production-grade Dash application to load and process very large datasets or models using distributed computing with familiar Python data science tools.


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