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Dask-Coiled and Dash Integration

Dask is an open-source Python library for parallel computing, and Coiled is a service that allows for the easy provisioning, scaling and management of remote Dask clusters. Together, these Plotly partners enable organizations to scale popular data science libraries, including Plotly’s Dash, across parallel computing clusters.

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Dask-Coiled and Dash Integration

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Dash Apps Built with Dash Enterprise

Dash provides a friendly Python interface for creating flexible, interactive, and customizable apps that connect directly to your analytics code.

  • US Power Grid Explorer

    US Power Grid Explorer

    • Visually explore the distribution of the U.S. power grid, including current wind and solar power plants, and potential locations for further wind/solar power plants in this Dash App featuring Datashader, Dash and Dask.
  • World Cell Towers

    World Cell Towers

    • Check out the GitHub repo for this open-source app, featuring a dataset of 40 million rows, parallel processing with Dask, and server-side rendering with Datashader.


Dask enables your production-grade Dash application to load and process very large datasets or models using distributed computing with familiar Python data science tools.

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