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Drag & drop, crossfilter, and chart editing for Dash apps ⁠— only on Dash Enterprise.

Add dashboarding features to your Dash apps with only a few lines of Python code. With Dashboard Engine, end users can rearrange Dash app UI elements, crossfilter between visualizations, and open Dash app charts in an editor.

With Drag & Drop, crossfilter, and the Dash chart editor, there is no BI or dashboarding tool that can't be recreated in Dash and augmented with advanced AI and ML capabilities.

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Drag & Drop
Chart Editor
BI Templates


In Limited Availability (LA) in early 2021. Contact sales for a demo.

With just a few lines of Python, Dash gives you instant crossfilter magic.

Scale crossfilter to 100's of millions of rows with Dash Enterprise's built in support for GPU and Dask acceleration.

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