How do Dash Enterprise, RStudio Connect, Anaconda Enterprise, and Streamlit for Teams compare as enterprise deployment platforms?

Dash EnterpriseRStudio ConnectAnaconda EnterpriseStreamlit Teams
Languages SupportedPythonPython or RPython
Hosting/Installation RequirementsCloud or On-PremisesOn-PremisesCloud or On-Premises
AuthenticationSSO, Okta, SAML, LDAP, AD, OAuth2, PKILDAP, OAuth2, AD, PAM, ProxiedLDAP, AD, SAML, Kerberos
Accessible DatastoresOnboard Redis/Postgres + Private Cloud or On-Premise Databases & DatastoresRedis/Postgres On-PremisesRedis/Postgres, Cloud, On-Premises
Public Publishing Available✔️✔️
App UsersUnlimitedLicensedLicensed
App Developers10+LicensedLicensed
NetworkPrivate Cloud or On-Premises Firewalled NetworkOn-Premises Firewalled NetworkPrivate Cloud or On-Premises Firewalled Network
App Manager✔️✔️
Job Queue✔️✔️✔️
Design GUIDesign Kit
Printable, Sharable PDFsSnapshot Engine
Drag & DropDashboard Engine
Web App EmbeddingEmbedding Middleware
ML & AI template apps✔️
Built-in Python ConnectorsDask, Databricks, NVIDIA, Snowflake, and moreLimited
Onboard Notebook Available✔️✔️✔️