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Dash is the most downloaded, trusted framework for building machine learning web apps in Python.

Build a machine learning web app in less than 300 lines of Python code.

From GPT-3 to Hugging Face Transformers, UMAP to YOLOv3, artificial intelligence is an ever-growing field that has made its way into numerous industries. Researchers, ML engineers, data scientists, business analysts, and execs alike, are trying to find the best way to understand and operationalize these models into their business.

With Dash, our goal is to enable AI and ML stakeholders at every level. Our demos and templates address the most common AI-business use cases, and Dash Enterprise takes those AI initiatives to the next level.

Scroll below to see the latest Dash-AI projects that we've worked on, broken down by AI concept, technique, library, and model. We're constantly adding to this list. But, if you have another AI model that you would like to see or you would like to chat, contact us! We also recently added some AL and ML documentation to our graphing libraries documentation. Check it out!

  • NLP

    Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    • NLP is a subfield of AI that brings computer science and linguistics together. 

      In this app, we used the model behind Microsoft Translator in conjunction with Hugging Face’s transformers and PyTorch to translate text from English to 10+ languages in seconds. Learn more.

      Download the Python code (150 lines)!
  • Regression Models

    Regression models

    • Regression analysis is the process of fitting models to data.

      In 25 lines of Python, we connected Dash to a Snowflake database of 1.5 million loan records. Adding SQL and Scikit-Learn, we made a Dash app that queries these records and trains a ridge model to predict interest rates. Learn more.

      Download the Python code (213 lines).

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