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Dash Enterprise is your front end for horizontally scalable, big data computation in Python.

From Spark to Snowflake, Dask to Datashader...the Python "big data" tech stack has never been more varied or robust.

Dash Enterprise supports turnkey connections to the most popular "big data" back ends for Python, including Vaex, Dask, Datashader, RAPIDS, Databricks (PySpark), Snowflake, Postgres, and Salesforce.

In addition, Dash Enterprise ships with battle-tested, plug-and-play demos for best leveraging Dash with each of these technologies.

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Connect Any Data Pipeline.

In Python, there is always a library to connect to any database, datastore, API, or file format. With Dash Enterprise, your Dash apps can connect directly to your datastore or API in Python. You never have to migrate your data (though Dash Enterprise has an onboard Postgres data cache if you wish to do so). Dash Enterprise ships with tested Dash app templates for connecting to most popular databases and data services. 

"We are not speaking just about reports/dashboards. Dash helps us to organize and combine our data and make it available for a wider spectrum of colleagues, who may require in the future some kind of interaction, such as running finite element simulations for specific parameter combinations."

Senior Simulation Engineer at High-Performance Automobile Manufacturer

Connect your Dash apps to all major data warehouses.

📚 Python, R, and Julia supports best-in-class, open-source connection libraries for Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, IBM DB2, Google BigQuery, PostgreSQL, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse, making it simple to connect these data services to your Dash apps. Dash Enterprise comes with connection examples for each of these data warehouses, so you can easily copy/paste the code into your own Dash apps.

🐼 Use Pandas dataframes in Data Science Workspaces or your Dash application code to rapidly filter and visualize data warehouse query results.

Use the Dash Enterprise Job Queue to sideline long-running data warehouse queries and accelerate your Dash application performance.


We're proud to partner with these best-in-class big data Python solutions.

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