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Dash Enterprise

The Premier Data App Platform for Python.

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Dash Enterprise

Overview of Dash & Dash Apps

Dash apps give a point-&-click interface to models written in Python, vastly expanding the notion of what's possible in a traditional "dashboard." With Dash apps, data scientists and engineers put complex Python analytics in the hands of business decision-makers and operators.

When building Dash apps in a business setting, you'll need Dash Enterprise to deploy and scale them, plus integrate them with IT infrastructure such as authentication and VPC services. Watch this short video to see how Dash Enterprise delivers faster and more impactful business outcomes on AI and data science initiatives.

The latest version of Dash Enterprise offers new Plotly App Studio header controls and customization, as well as Global Environment Variables for secure and streamlined data management. Learn more at the upcoming launch event!

Dash Autonomous Driving Demo

Dash Enterprise enables the rapid development of production-grade data apps within your business.

Python has taken over the world, and Dash Enterprise is the leading vehicle for delivering Python analytics to business users. 

Traditional BI dashboards no longer cut it in today’s AI and ML driven world. Production-grade, low-code Python data apps are needed to visualize the sophisticated data analytics and data pipelines that run modern businesses.

Dash Open Source Framework

Plotly stewards Python's leading data viz and UI libraries.

With Dash Open Source, you can create data apps on your laptop in pure Python, no JavaScript required.

Get familiar with Dash by building a sample app with open source. Scale up with Dash Enterprise when your Dash app is ready for department or company-wide consumption. Or, launch your initiative with Dash Enterprise from the start to unlock developer productivity gains and hands-on acceleration from Plotly's team.

Click below to install Dash Open Source:

If it’s free, it’s for me

Dash Enterprise Platform

Reliable and scalable platform for rapid Dash app deployment.

Dash Enterprise is the trusted, purpose-built platform for using Dash within a business. The platform provides deployment, rapid development environments, and authentication out of the box. On the development side, a set of low-code libraries vastly extend the capabilities and simplify the development of creating Dash apps.

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Plotly App Studio

Leverage your existing Python scripts and notebooks to create Dash apps seamlessly. Use the visual editor to make layout changes in minutes.

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Smart Insights

Chatbot Builder

Add a layer of AI intelligence and give data app users additional insight from external data sources.

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Data App Workspaces

Create Dash apps and Jupyter notebooks in Dash Enterprise's code editor. Data App Workspaces bring data science to orgs that can't have Python on PCs.

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Design Kit

Design like a pro without writing a line of CSS. Easily arrange, style, brand, and customize your Dash apps.

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AI App Catalog

Explore the possibilities of using Dash for computer vision, object detection, NLP projects, and more.

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Report Engine

Save & share Dash app views as links or PDFs. Or, run a Python job through Dash and have Snapshot Engine email a report when the job is done.

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Dashboard Engine

Drag & drop layouts, chart editing, and crossfilter for your Dash apps.

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Customer Success

Award-Winning Customer Support

Access comprehensive support, guided installation, enablement sessions, and more with Dash Enterprise. Learn how Plotly's Customer Success team enables faster decision-making with expert assistance, from development to deployment.

Dash Apps Built with Dash Enterprise

Dash provides a friendly Python interface for creating flexible, interactive, and customizable apps that connect directly to your analytics code.

  • Dash Image

    Machine Learning app

    • This object-detection app provides useful visualizations about what's happening inside a complex video in real time. The data is generated using MobileNet v1 in Tensorflow, trained on the COCO dataset. The video is displayed using the community-maintained video component.
  • Plotly

    Oil & Gas dashboard

    • This Dash app displays oil production in western New York. Filters at the top of the app update the graphs below. Selecting or hovering over data in one plot will update the other plots with cross filtering. Dash apps are powered by Plotly’s popular open source graphing library featuring maps like these, financial charts, scientific graphs, and more.
  • Dash Image

    Pharmacokinetics app

    • This app, created for non-compartmental pharmacokinetics, is typically used to analyze data from small animal studies during the lead optimization phase of drug discovery. These studies are used to help predict human dosing and plan safety studies.
  • Dash Image
    • Dash Enterprise provides a framework for creating structured PDF reports in Python. A Dash app can have a web interface as well as a PDF download. Use Dash to automate reporting at scale.
Moody Hadi

“Dash Enterprise has expanded S&P Global’s Market Intelligence capabilities to extend insights to our clients efficiently using highly interactive, customizable Dash data apps.”

Moody Hadi

Development, S&P Global

Moody Hadi

    "Best dashboard framework for Python, but it's way more than that. It's React right in Python."

    Sean McCarthy

    Chief Data Scientist at IJACK

  • G2

    Dash is the leading Data app platform on G2 Crowd

  • Mid-market Utilities Company

    "Python & Dash. It would be hard to find a better toolkit for Data Science."

    Mid-market Utilities Company

  • Plotly

    "Dash has enabled the project to evolve at a high cadence. It has allowed us to prove concepts and provide users with effective solutions in a very short time."

    Software Development Consultant

    Medium Enterprise Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals Company

  • Plotly

    "[Dash] saves the traditional engineering team 30+ minutes, equating to 10+ hours per week."

    Sr. Product Engineer / Software Engineer

    Large Enterprise Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment Company

  • Plotly

    "[Dash is] my default tool for building dashboards. The main impact is that a single analyst can quickly put together interactive tools, which allow them or others to quickly catch patterns or inconsistencies in the data."

    Director of Data Analytics

    Medium Enterprise Biotechnology Company

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