Dash Open Source

Dash is a productive framework for building web applications with highly custom user interfaces.

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Written on top of Flask, Plotly.js, and React.js, Dash is a user framework for creating interactive analytical web applications for data visualization in pure Python or R. It provides 100’s of charts, graphs, and UI controls, so you can build highly custom analytic apps in just a few lines of code.

Through a couple of simple patterns, Dash abstracts away all of the technologies and protocols that are required to build an interactive web-based application. It is simple enough that you can build a user interface around your code in an afternoon. Dash apps are rendered in the web browser. You can easily deploy them and share them through URLs.

We're strong believers that the future of technical computing and business intelligence is open source. We develop, expand, and maintain a number of open-source graphing libraries and data visualization tools for free, enabling us to amplify the collaboration and freedom inherent to open source. Those who use Python or R for data analysis, data exploration, visualization, modeling, instrument control, and reporting will find immediate use for Dash. Open-source under MIT licensing, Dash is immediately available for both Python and R.


Do more with Dash.

🚀Build interactive web apps.

Dash makes it dead-simple to build a GUI around your data analysis code.

🚀Customize your apps.

Dash is extensible. You can build your own components, or use any of our component libraries.

🚀Program in any language.

Dash Open Source is a Python and R library that you install on your laptop or on a server. 

🚀Dash is fast.

Save time (and effort) by creating applications with minimal code.

With Dash, you can have it all.

Graphs & charts
UI components
HTML components
Dash Data Table
Dash DAQ
Dash Canvas
Dash Cytoscape
Dash Bio

Graphs & charts.

Dash OSS has over 100+ graphs and chart types allowing you to quickly visualize your data.

See Dash in action.

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