Kubernetes Scaling

Dash Enterprise is the only analytic app deployment platform that can scale to New York Times levels of traffic.

Dash applications are stateless by design - no information about the state of the client is stored on the Dash server. Instead, the client state (who is logged in, which radio buttons are selected, etc) is bundled into each request to the Dash server.

Why is this important? With stateless design, Dash application servers can scale horizontally on modern infrastructure like Kubernetes.


Dash scales because it's stateless.

Unlike Shiny, Streamlit, Voila, or Jupyter, Dash was architected to have a stateless backend.

As stateless input/output machines, Dash Enterprise can add Dash servers dynamically without the overhead of plugging into a global backend store.

What's more, stateless backends preserve app state through poor network connectivity. You'll never again see this dreaded Shiny error message, "Disconnected from the server. Reload."

Horizontal scaling.

Dash apps embedded in the New York Times? No problem. Dash Enterprise can support ludicrous levels of network traffic and backend computation through horizontal Dash server scaling.

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Operational excellence.

Your Dash apps deserve operational excellence. This is why we've partnered with the top corporate clouds (AWS, Azure, and GCP) for Dash Enterprise installation and K8s scaling.

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High Availability

Dash Enterprise Kubernetes will run multiple “copies” of your Dash application across Kubernetes pods and instances. If an instance goes down, a new one will be spun up automatically. Redundant pods can be provisioned across servers, regions, or even countries.

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Trusted scalability.

Dash is used by the largest, most secure organizations and governments in the world. If you need to scale a mission-critical AI initiative, Dash Enterprise is the only analytic app platform that truly scales.

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