Working With Chart Studio Graphs in R

How to download Chart Studio users' public graphs and data into an R session.

New to Plotly?

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Download Chart Studio Graphs Into R Sessions

Download Chart Studio figures directly into your R session with the api_download_plot() function. This takes the plot_id of the Chart Studio plot and the username of the plot's creator as arguments.

For example, to download into R, call:

fig <- api_download_plot("559", "cpsievert")



Update The Layout on A Downloaded Graph

Once the figure is downloaded from Chart Studio into your R session, you can update its layout just like you would any other figure you create with the plotly R package.

Note: If you were to re-upload this figure to Chart Studio, a new figure would be created unless you specify the same filename as the figure that you downloaded. In that case, the existing figure will be overwritten.

p <- layout(fig, title = paste("Modified on ", Sys.time()))



Adding a Trace to a Subplot Figure

fig <- api_download_plot("6343", "chelsea_lyn")

p <- add_lines(fig, x = c(1, 2), y = c(1, 2), xaxis = "x2", yaxis = "y2")




See the documentation for getting started with Chart Studio in R.