Gauge Charts in Julia

How to make gauge meter charts in Julia with Plotly.

Basic Gauge

A radial gauge chart has a circular arc, which displays a single value to estimate progress toward a goal. The bar shows the target value, and the shading represents the progress toward that goal. Gauge charts, known as speedometer charts as well. This chart type is usually used to illustrate key business indicators.

The example below displays a basic gauge chart with default attributes. For more information about different added attributes check indicator tutorial.

using PlotlyJS

    mode = "gauge+number",
    value = 270,
    domain_x= [0, 1],
    domain_y= [0, 1],
    title_text = "Speed"))

Add Steps, Threshold, and Delta

The following examples include "steps" attribute shown as shading inside the radial arc, "delta" which is the difference of the value and goal (reference - value), and "threshold" to determine boundaries that visually alert you if the value cross a defined threshold.

using PlotlyJS

    domain = attr(x= [0, 1], y= [0, 1]),
    value = 450,
    mode = "gauge+number+delta",
    title = attr(text= "Speed"),
    delta = attr(reference= 380),
    gauge = attr(
        axis= attr(range= [nothing, 500]),
        steps = [
            attr(range= [0, 250], color= "lightgray"),
            attr(range= [250, 400], color= "gray")
        threshold = attr(line= attr(color= "red", width= 4), thickness= 0.75, value= 490))))

Custom Gauge Chart

The following example shows how to style your gauge charts. For more information about all possible options check our reference page.

using PlotlyJS

        mode = "gauge+number+delta",
        value = 420,
        domain = attr(x= [0, 1], y= [0, 1]),
        title = attr(text= "Speed", font= attr(size= 24)),
        delta = attr(reference= 400,increasing= attr(color="RebeccaPurple")),
        gauge = attr(
            axis= attr(range= [nothing, 500], tickwidth= 1, tickcolor= "darkblue"),
            bar= attr(color= "darkblue"),
            bgcolor= "white",
            borderwidth= 2,
            bordercolor= "gray",
            steps= [
                attr(range= [0, 250], color= "cyan"),
                attr(range= [250, 400], color= "royalblue")],
            threshold= attr(
                line= attr(color= "red", width= 4),
                thickness= 0.75,
                value= 490
    Layout(paper_bgcolor = "lavender", font = attr(color= "darkblue", family= "Arial"))


See for more information and chart attribute options!