Groupby in JavaScript

How to use D3.js-based Group By in Plotly.js.

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Note: transforms are deprecated and will be removed in a future version of Plotly.js

var subject = ['Moe','Larry','Curly','Moe','Larry','Curly','Moe','Larry','Curly','Moe','Larry','Curly']
var score = [1,6,2,8,2,9,4,5,1,5,2,8]

var data = [{
  type: 'scatter',
  x: subject,
  y: score,
  mode: 'markers',
  transforms: [{
    type: 'groupby',
    groups: subject,
    styles: [
      {target: 'Moe', value: {marker: {color: 'blue'}}},
      {target: 'Larry', value: {marker: {color: 'red'}}},
      {target: 'Curly', value: {marker: {color: 'black'}}}

Plotly.newPlot('myDiv', data)