, validate=True, pretty=False, remove_uids=True, engine=None)

Convert a figure to a JSON string representation

  • fig – Figure object or dict representing a figure

  • validate (bool (default True)) – True if the figure should be validated before being converted to JSON, False otherwise.

  • pretty (bool (default False)) – True if JSON representation should be pretty-printed, False if representation should be as compact as possible.

  • remove_uids (bool (default True)) – True if trace UIDs should be omitted from the JSON representation

  • engine (str (default None)) –

    The JSON encoding engine to use. One of:
    • ”json” for an engine based on the built-in Python json module

    • ”orjson” for a faster engine that requires the orjson package

    • ”auto” for the “orjson” engine if available, otherwise “json”

    If not specified, the default engine is set to the current value of


Representation of figure as a JSON string

Return type


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