, output_type='Figure', skip_invalid=False, engine=None)

Construct a figure from a JSON string

  • value (str or bytes) – String or bytes object containing the JSON representation of a figure

  • output_type (type or str (default 'Figure')) – The output figure type or type name. One of: graph_objects.Figure, ‘Figure’, graph_objects.FigureWidget, ‘FigureWidget’

  • skip_invalid (bool (default False)) – False if invalid figure properties should result in an exception. True if invalid figure properties should be silently ignored.

  • engine (str (default None)) –

    The JSON decoding engine to use. One of:
    • if “json”, parse JSON using built in json module

    • if “orjson”, parse using the faster orjson module, requires the orjson package

    • if “auto” use orjson module if available, otherwise use the json module

    If not specified, the default engine is set to the current value of


ValueError – if value is not a string, or if skip_invalid=False and value contains invalid figure properties


Return type

Figure or FigureWidget