Sight Machine

Sight Machine is used by Global 500 companies to make better, faster decisions about their manufacturing operations. The Sight Machine platform uses AI to create the industry’s only Plant Digital Twin, which enables real-time visibility and actionable insights for every machine, line, and plant throughout an enterprise.

Founded in Michigan in 2011 and expanded to the Bay Area in 2012, Sight Machine fuses the spirit of Silicon Valley technology innovation with rock-solid Detroit manufacturing.

Manufacturing Analytics

"Plotly accelerated the evolution of our platform"

With the power of plotly.js, the Sight Machine team quickly built out their data visualization capabilities to handle real-time manufacturing data, scaling to support a global network of  enterprise manufacturing customers.

In early 2016, the company was developing its platform for customers in automotive, food and beverage, and packaging manufacturing. The Sight Machine Platform, which uses AI to help manufacturers make data-informed decisions about their operations, was becoming the category leader in manufacturing analytics. Before long, customers wanted more data visualization and analytics tools in order to better understand and inform decisions with the sensor readings and quality data collected from their production lines.

Harry Wornick, the company’s Director of Product, needed a way to help Sight Machine’s front-end engineers quickly meet that demand. The engineers explored a DIY solution, but it required multiple sprints to deliver each new type of chart. With Plotly, charting was faster and easier: “Plotly allowed our developers to spend less time redesigning the wheel and focus instead on the core technology of our patent pending data contextualization engine,” said Mr. Wornick.

By the end of the year, the small team of engineers had built up the platform’s data visualization capabilities, allowing Sight Machine’s data science team to move forward with more advanced features, like tools for production diagnostics and process control. This advancement helped Sight Machine rapidly scale and support their enterprise manufacturers worldwide.

- Ryan Smith, PhD, Vice President of Product and Engineering @ Sight Machine
“Plotly has given us the capability to rapidly deploy unique visualization of manufacturing data at scale.”
- Harry Wornick, Director of Product @ Sight Machine
“Plotly accelerated the evolution of our platform by increasing the number of developers that could customize and build on our industry leading manufacturing analytics product.”


Plotly.js is the open-source graphing library behind Dash. Built with scientific and engineering applications in mind, plotly.js packs the power of d3.js and in a high-level, declarative charting library.

Plotly.js ships with 20 chart types, including 3-D charts, statistical graphs, and SVG maps.

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