Linear-Gauge Chart in Python/v3

How to make interactive linear-guage charts in Python with Plotly.

Note: this page is part of the documentation for version 3 of, which is not the most recent version.
See our Version 4 Migration Guide for information about how to upgrade.

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Linear Gauge Chart Shell¶

Note the following tutorial shows how to create a linear-gauge chart with 4 gauges. It's recommended to use a width between 600-1000px and ticklen should be width/20. These variables are definied in the code below.

In [2]:
from plotly import tools
import plotly.plotly as py
import plotly.graph_objs as go

# Define Titles and Labels for Each Scale
scales = ['<b>Tension</b>', '<b>Energy</b>',
          '<b>Valence</b>', '<b>Prefer</b>']
scale1 = ['Very <br> Calm ', 'Moderately <br> Calm ',
          'Slightly <br> Calm ', 'Neutral ',
          'Slightly <br> Tense ', 'Moderately <br> Tense ',
          'Very <br> Tense ']
scale2 = ['Very <br> Tired ', 'Moderately <br> Tired ',
          'Slightly <br> Tired ', 'Neutral ',
          'Slightly <br> Awake ', 'Moderately <br> Awake ',
          'Very <br> Awake ']
scale3 = ['Very <br> Displeased ', 'Moderately <br> Displeased ',
          'Slightly <br> Displeased ', 'Neutral ',
          'Slightly <br> Pleased ', 'Moderately <br> Pleased ',
          'Very <br> Pleased ']
scale4 = ['Strongly <br> Dislike ', 'Moderately <br> Dislike ',
          'Slightly <br> Dislike ', 'Neutral ',
          'Slightly <br> Like ', 'Moderately <br> Like ',
          'Strongly <br> Like ']
scale_labels = [scale1, scale2, scale3, scale4]

# Add Scale Titles to the Plot
traces = []
for i in range(len(scales)):
        x=[0.6], # Pad the title - a longer scale title would need a higher value 

# Create Scales
## Since we have 7 lables, the scale will range from 0-6
shapes = []
for i in range(len(scales)):
    shapes.append({'type': 'rect',
                   'x0': .02, 'x1': 1.02,
                   'y0': 0, 'y1': 6,
                   'xref':'x'+str(i+1), 'yref':'y'+str(i+1)})

x_domains = [[0, .25], [.25, .5], [.5, .75], [.75, 1]] # Split for 4 scales
chart_width = 800

# Define X-Axes
xaxes = []
for i in range(len(scales)):
    xaxes.append({'domain': x_domains[i], 'range':[0, 4],
                  'showgrid': False, 'showline': False,
                  'zeroline': False, 'showticklabels': False})

# Define Y-Axes (and set scale labels)
## ticklen is used to create the segments of the scale,
## for more information see:
yaxes = []
for i in range(len(scales)):
    yaxes.append({'anchor':'x'+str(i+1), 'range':[-.5,6.5],
                  'showgrid': False, 'showline': False, 'zeroline': False,
                  'ticks':'inside', 'ticklen': chart_width/20,
                  'ticktext':scale_labels[i], 'tickvals':[0., 1., 2., 3., 4., 5., 6.]

# Put all elements of the layout together
layout = {'shapes': shapes,
          'xaxis1': xaxes[0],
          'xaxis2': xaxes[1],
          'xaxis3': xaxes[2],
          'xaxis4': xaxes[3],
          'yaxis1': yaxes[0],
          'yaxis2': yaxes[1],
          'yaxis3': yaxes[2],
          'yaxis4': yaxes[3],
          'autosize': False,
          'width': chart_width,
          'height': 600


fig = dict(data=traces, layout=layout)
py.iplot(fig, filename='linear-gauge-layout')

Add Rating Data¶

Ratings should be scaled between 0 - 6 to fit the y-values of the scales created above.

In [3]:
ratings = [4.5, 5, 1, 2.75]

for i in range(len(ratings)):
            x=[0.5], y=[ratings[i]],
            xaxis='x'+str(i+1), yaxis='y'+str(i+1),
            mode='markers', marker={'size': 16, 'color': '#29ABD6'},
            text=ratings[i], hoverinfo='text', showlegend=False

fig = dict(data=traces, layout=layout)
py.iplot(fig, filename='linear-gauge')


See for more information and chart attribute options!