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Embed intelligence. Enable discovery. Outsmart your competition.

Bye-bye, outdated embedded BI.

We get it, the typical embedded BI tool just isn't cutting it anymore. Bring your vision to life with the power of Plotly's data visualization software.

Hello, Plotly OEM

Analytics that amaze.

Embed beautiful, interactive analytic apps, charts, and graphics in your commercial offerings. With completely customizable UI designs and styles, you can be sure all visualizations are on-brand.

Build, test, and deploy with ease.

With the flexibility to effortlessly build and test your applications at scale, Plotly OEM makes deployment for sale via the web or production-ready publications a breeze. Find out why data science teams love and trust Plotly with their data viz.

Get to market faster.

By integrating the power of Dash and Chart Studio directly into your commercial applications, you'll speed up your time-to-market and have your product available in no time at all.

Deliver on your own time.

Insight delivered on your watch. Plotly OEM gives you the ability to deliver insights whenever, however, and wherever you want to.

Moving beyond structured data.

Plotly OEM integrates directly with your analytics engines, enabling richer and more flexible results.

Seeing is Believing

Plotly OEM enables you to build beautiful interactive applications, charts, and dashboards to meet your business requirements.

Keep It Simple

We're all about making lives easier.

With Plotly OEM, you'll have the ability to:

  • Offer multi-tenancy with defined permissions and views
  • Utilize your own data and existing APIs.
  • Power your analytics with direct Python and R integration
  • Own the look and feel.
  • Deploy at scale with confidence.
  • Continuously monitor performance and usage.

No CSS. No JavaScript. No DevOps. No Cronjobs Required.

We've Got Your Back

With our JumpStart program, we'll make sure you have all the necessary skills and tools to get Plotly OEM up and running, quickly and effortlessly.

Ready To Join Forces?

We're stronger together. Partner with Plotly to implement an embedded BI that will increase brand and product awareness, engage your end users, and keep you ahead of the curve.

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