Announcing Dash Enterprise 5.2: Jupyter Notebook compatibility, AI integration, and enhanced developer experience.

Plotly Introduces Next Evolution of Dash Enterprise with Focus on Reliable & Scalable Environments

February 25, 2020

Montreal, CAN - Plotly Technologies, developer of the leading data science and AI platform for creating analytic applications, today unveiled Dash Enterprise 3.4. Dash enables Data Science teams to quickly build and share interactive analytic applications across and beyond their organizations through a repeatable, scalable process. New and expanded capabilities in Dash Enterprise 3.4 allow easier deployment and includes a full Starter app set to streamline creation of analytic apps.

The new features make Dash Enterprise the ideal choice for organizations using data science at scale or managing data-intensive applications that are mission critical and require scalability. These may range from large-scale AI model explainability to stock ticker applications that must be accessible to hundreds or thousands of people simultaneously. The combination of scalability and reliability makes Dash Enterprise 3.4 an invaluable solution for data scientists and engineers across industries.

“Highly visual, interactive, and easy-to-use web applications act as bridges that connect data science investments with meaningful action,” said Chris Parmer, Plotly co-founder and author of Dash. “This latest release of Dash Enterprise helps ensure that anyone within an organization can quickly operationalize key data science outcomes working in Python or R, the programming languages preferred by data scientists, with no compromises and no need for full-stack development.”

Developing and scaling mission critical applications is no small feat. Integrating with managed services on AWS & GCP, Dash Enterprise users have the ability to grow or shrink their pool of resources to support their highest trafficked applications. Furthermore, users can flex in real time with minimal lag and zero downtime.

Dash 3.4 also features an enhanced Design Kit, featuring nearly 40 Starter apps. Starter apps  allow users to easily create highly polished, on-brand applications without writing any CSS and integrate them with a wide range of data sources. Users can navigate from exploration and prototyping to deploying production-ready applications that meet brand guidelines and translate data science into actionable business insights, quickly and efficiently.

Dash Enterprise is built on Dash Open Source, which enables the development of interactive analytic applications in Python or R. Enterprises, researchers, and government agencies around the world rely on Dash to create and share beautiful, data-driven applications that provide insight and streamline knowledge sharing—without needing to understand the underlying code.

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Founded in 2013, Plotly is a data visualization company focused on taking data science out of the lab and into the business. Plotly makes it easy to create, deploy, and share interactive web apps, graphs, and visualizations in any programming language. Plotly's libraries are used by millions worldwide and embedded into mission-critical applications across the Fortune 500.

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