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ML for Drug Development | NLP-assisted literature review | COVID-19 & Epidemiology |
Clinical Trials | Visualizing genomic data

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“Working with Plotly Dash, we can now do real-time COVID-19 infection rate analysis.”

Jensen Huang, NVIDIA CEO, NVIDIA GTC May 2020 Keynote Pt1

Machine Learning for Drug Development

Drug Discovery
Deep Learning Compound Screening
ML Assisted CRISPR
Pharmacokinetics Calculator

Drug Discovery

This Dash app demonstrates a simple interface for comparing molecule features and distributions for drug discovery. Drug candidates can be highlighted and added to a table based on their molecular weight, structure, chirality, and pKa.

This app's source code is available in Python and R.
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Drug Discovery App

Natural Language Processing-assisted Literature Review

COVID-19 Research Knowledge Discovery

COVID-19 Research Knowledge Discovery

This app demonstrates the use of Dash Cytoscape and t-SNE to display the output of Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) analysis on the CORD-19 dataset of literature related to COVID-19. 

Access this Dash app and get the Python code. 

COVID-19 & Epidemiology

COVID Diagnostic Accuracy
US Opioid Epidemic
COVID Chest X-Rays
Heart Disease Prediction

COVID Diagnostic Accuracy

Developed by In-Q-Tel's B.Next lab for biotechnology and U.S. national security, this Dash app allows users to explore COVID diagnostic test performance expectations based on reported clinical trial data. The Dash app allows you to select performance data from 269 studies covering hundreds of diagnostic tests for coronavirus to examine expected positive and negative predictive values (PPV and NPV respectively) across a disease prevalence range.

Access this Dash app and get the Python code.

Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial Report
Clinical Analytics Dashboard
Animal Study Browser

Clinical Trial Report

This Dash app provides an interface to visualize patient data and highlight biomarkers from clinical trials. It uses Design Kit and Report Engine to compile patient results into print-ready or mobile-ready reports.

Access this Dash app and get the Python code. 

Visualizing Genomic Data

Transcriptome Sequencing QA
Phylogenetic Tree Reconciliation 

Transcriptome Sequencing QA

This Dash app was developed by the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR). OICR has developed a quality assurance (QA) system in Dash that is currently in production for OICR transcriptome sequencing assays. The Dash QA system shows human and virus genomes alongside each other and key metrics for evaluating whether sequencing experiments have succeeded.

Access this Dash app and get the Python code. 

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