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Dash Enterprise is productionizing Python data apps in every industry.

Access these pre-built Dash apps by industry as inspiration and starter templates.

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Computer Vision
Predictive Analytics
Voice Computing
Flask API


Dash is the fastest way to deploy Python-based apps for natural language processing (NLP). 

Use NLP + Dash to extract business value from large amounts of unstructured text:

  • Digitized company documents
  • Research articles
  • Customer reviews
  • Transcribed audio recordings
  • Social media streams

This Dash app demos Google's word2vec in ~300 lines of Python code

"The distinguishing factor between PowerBI and what Dash NLP analytic apps can do, is offer that next step up of a 'cognitive dashboard' rather than all the other standard dashboards out there.

Finding value in data is not as easy as it once was, and applying filters and joins is not as sufficient as it used to be. Adding that next step when it comes to answering the question 'what else is there?' is where the market has headed."

Global pharmaceutical company & Dash Enterprise customer

Automotive AI Dash apps

AV Lidar Visualization
Lyft AV Explorer
Video Annotation
DETR Object Detection
Real-time Object Detection
Uber Price Prediction

AV Lidar Visualization

This Dash app loads scenes collected from self-driving car trips, and displays both lidar sensor data and human annotated data (bounding boxes). You can choose between a basic and an advanced UI. Get the source code and read the blog post

Access this Dash app and get the Python code. 

Energy & Utilities AI Dash apps

Oil & Gas Well Explorer
Ternary Map Explorer
Drilling Data Visualization
Solar LCoE Calculator
Peak Load Prediction

Oil & Gas Well Explorer  

This Dash app displays well data from New York State. As you hover over values in the map, a time series is displayed showing production values over time. As you change the years in the range slider, the aggregate time series is updated with the sum of all production over time. The histogram chart is also selectable, serving as an alternative control for selecting a range of time. 

Access this Dash app and get the Python code. 

Finance & Insurance AI Dash apps

Loan Grade Classification AI
Interest Rate Modeling
NLP on Bank Complaints
Sales Forecasting
Portfolio Optimization
Financial Reporting

Loan Grade Classification AI

This Dash app uses pre-trained Decision Tree Classifiers to perform real-time predictions on tabular data (information about a loan applicant that was recorded by a lending firm). To read the model data, this Dash app connects to a Snowflake data warehouse. 

Access this Dash app and get the Python code. 

Manufacturing AI Dash apps

Real-time Monitoring
Video Object Detection
Inventory Optimization
SPC Dashboard

Real-time Monitoring 

This Dash app demonstrates the use of Design Kit and Snapshot Engine for triggering alerts and automatic report generation for out-of-spec process parameters. 

Access this Dash app and get the Python code. 

Medical Imaging AI Dash apps

COVID Chest X-Rays
ML Image Segmentation
Non-ML Image Segmentation
3d Brain Annotation

COVID Chest X-Rays 

This Dash app allows users to annotate medical image datasets of COVID-19 patients in order to extract a lung occlusion (and train machine learning models).  

Access this Dash app and get the Python code. 

AI Dash Apps for Retail

Product Availability Prediction
Online Inventory Competitive Analysis
Demand Transference
Product Development Playbook
Survival Analysis

Product Availability Prediction

To ensure adequate inventory, retailers need to continuously monitor levels of stock. Using Prophet, a procedure for forecasting time series data, this Dash app is able to process and interactively display availability levels by category, region, supplier, and product. Inventory managers can respond to the daily distribution levels and plan future inventory.

Access this Dash app and get the Python code. 

Product Availability Prediction

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