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View and Edit Scheduled Queries from Falcon

View and edit SQL queries scheduled by Falcon.

Step 1

View Scheduled Queries from Falcon

Starting with Falcon version 3.0, there is a SCHEDULE tab where you can view and edit scheduled queries. After logging into your account, go to the SCHEDULE tab to see a list of all the queries you have scheduled using Falcon.

View Scheduled Queries on Falcon

Step 2

Search Through Queries

Click on the refresh button in the upper right corner if you have updated any queries since opening Falcon. Now you can search through your queries by name or query using the search bar. The list below will be updated in real-time as you type.

Search Queries

Step 3

Query Details

Clicking on an element of the list will open a pop-up that displays more details as well as the option to LOG IN TO EDIT DETAILS. Pushing this button will give you the option to log into Plotly Cloud or Plotly On-Premise.

Query Details

Step 4

Select Your Account Type

After you choose your account type and select LOG IN, a page in your browser will open asking you to log in and then authorize Falcon.

Select Account Type

Step 5

Authorize Falcon

Authorize Falcon

Step 6

Edit or Delete Queries

Once you are logged in, you will have the option to edit or delete your queries.

Query Details Logged In View

Step 7

Edit a Query

Selecting EDIT will give you the ability to change the name, SQL syntax, and schedule of your query.

Edit Query