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Chart Studio Dashboard Privacy

Dashboard privacy using the Chart Studio data visualization tool

Step 1


You may have noticed that although you shared your dashboard as 'Public' or by using a secret link, some of the plots were not appearing to viewers.

When you save and share your dashboard, not only is there a privacy setting for the dashboard, there's a privacy setting for individual plots too. You have to set the privacy of these plots so viewers can see your entire dashboard.

In this tutorial, we have dashboards with different privacy settings, and plots added to them with their own privacy settings. You'll see what they look like when they're shared.

Step 2

Public Plot

We'll start by adding a plot to our dashboard that was used in this Chart Studio tutorial. It was saved as 'Public' so everyone can see it, not just Chart Studio users.

Save pop-up

Step 3

Private Plot

The second plot we'll add to our dashboard was saved as 'Private'. See this page to learn more about private plots.

Add private plot

Step 4

The last plot we'll add is one we've saved as 'Private Link'.

Add private link plot

Step 5

Share the Dashboard

We'll save our dashboard as 'Private Link', then click on 'Share' to find the shareable link.

Save as private link

Below is what the dashboard looks like to the viewer that was given this secret link. Remember, private links allow people with the link to view the dashboard, but it will not appear on your profile, nor is it searchable.

Private link shared

The plot that was saved as 'Private' isn't displayed. In this case, we have to reset this graph's privacy setting, either as 'Public' or 'Private Link'. It's very important to note that the dashboard will not automatically update when it's changed to 'Private Link'. After you save it as 'Private Link', go back to your dashboard. Click on the plot, hit 'Edit', then select 'URL' to enter the shareable link. This is the only way to update your dashboard's plot from 'Private' to 'Private Link' and be viewable.

Add private URL

Now all plots appear on the dashboard. Remember, this is a dashboard with a secret link.

Private link dashboard

Step 6

Dashboard Privacy Settings

You can also save your dashboard as 'Public' and 'Private'. To show the different dashboard privacy settings and how they appear to a viewer, we've used the following examples.

Below is a plot saved with a secret link, added to a public dashboard. As you can see, it's still viewable.

Public dashboard private link plot

The following is a private dashboard with a public plot. Even though the plot is public, the dashboard is private, so the viewer can't see it.

Private dashboard public plot

Next is a public dashboard with a private plot. Again, because the plot was saved as private, it won't appear to another viewer.

Public dashboard private plot

Step 7

Helpful Reminders

The best option is to add plots that are saved as 'Public' or 'Private Link', and set your dashboard privacy setting as 'Private' or 'Private Link'. Adding a plot that's been saved as 'Private' won't appear to the viewer.

For more information on how sharing works in Chart Studio, check out this page.