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How to Add a Webpage to a Dashboard

Adding a webpage to a dashboard using the Chart Studio dashboard tool

Step 1


Chart Studio dashboards are now more interactive and customizable than ever.

Not only can you add a plot, and text to your dashboard, you can add a webpage too.

For this tutorial, we've taken screenshots from our dashboard which can be found here.

Step 2

Webpage Examples

Privacy and security are important at Plotly, and our security measures may only allow certain webpages to work on the dashboards.

Please note that not all websites allow embedding, and some webpages may be blocked for security reasons. That being said, you can still add cool pages to the dashboard, you just need to try and see if they'll work. We'll show you a few example below.

Some of the pages that can be added to your dashboard include videos, maps, feeds, and content from your personal or business website.

We'll add a map and a video for this tutorial. Let's begin!

Step 3

Add a Map

We'll start with a Google map, and we find the embed code by clicking on the menu tab on the left-hand side of the Google Maps page.

Locate embed code

Once you're in the Chart Studio Dashboards page, click on the 'Webpage' button at the bottom left-hand side.

Add webpage

As you can see in the animated image below, we copy and paste the Google link into the URL field, but use only the URL part of the embed code. Click 'Save'.

Map url

This is what our map looks like on our dashboard.

Dashboard map

Step 4

Add a Video

Websites like Vimeo and Youtube have an embed option for their videos. While you can add a Vimeo video to our dashboard, videos from Youtube don't work at the moment.

Once we've located the embed code on the Vimeo website, we'll add the actual URL of the video instead of the entire snippet.

Vimeo embed code

We'll enter this link in the URL field.

Add video url

Our dashboard now has a video.

Dashboard video

Our dashboard is looking pretty cool. You can style your dashboard and resize and rearrange the items once again before you save.

Cool dashboard