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Dash Enterprise is the premier platform for
building, scaling, and deploying data apps in Python.



Build data apps in Python.

$ pip install dash


One-Click Dash App Deployment

Dash Enterprise stateless architecture


Install on Any Cloud VPC
Dash’s stateless architecture allows seamless scalability on AWS, Azure, or GCP.

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Dash is the leading low-code platform for data apps.


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ML & AI apps made with Dash

Dash Enterprise is the premier low-code platform for data-science apps.

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Dash Enterprise interactive data app
Dash Enterprise interactive data app
About Plotly and Dash

Overview of Dash & Dash Apps

Dash apps give a point-&-click interface to models written in Python, vastly expanding the notion of what's possible in a traditional "dashboard". With Dash apps, data scientists and engineers put complex Python analytics in the hands of business decision-makers and operators.

When building Dash apps in a business setting, you'll need Dash Enterprise to deploy and scale them, plus integrate them with IT infrastructure such as authentication and VPC services. Watch this short video by to see how Dash Enterprise delivers faster and more impactful business outcomes on AI and data science initiatives.

Bank customer complaints data analytics app in Dash Enterprise

Dash Enterprise enables the rapid development of production-grade data apps within your business.

Python has taken over the world, and Dash Enterprise is the leading vehicle for delivering Python analytics to business users. 

Traditional BI dashboards no longer cut it in today’s AI and ML driven world. Production-grade, low-code Python data apps are needed to visualize the sophisticated data analytics and data pipelines that run modern businesses.

The incredible 21x cost savings of Dash Enterprise

Hiring full-stack software teams to build bespoke analytics stacks is 21 times more expensive than building with Dash Enterprise.

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  • Plotly

    Plotly partners with Carahsoft Technology Corp.,

    The Trusted Government IT Solutions Partner

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  • Plotly

    Dash Enterprise enabled S&P Global Ratings' Python-generated client reporting

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  • Plotly

    Dash application published by MIT for CRISPR gene editing

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  • Plotly

    Dash Enterprise operationalizes field monitor for $14B public utility

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  • Plotly

    Build Real-Time Production Data Apps with Databricks & Plotly Dash

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  • Plotly

    Dash Enterprise operationalizes ML drug development for $1B pharma start-up

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  • Carahsoft
  • S&P
  • MIT
  • Public Utilities
  • Databricks
  • Pharma

Data science teams love Dash for elevating their work into business operations

  • Energy  Company

    "Even in locked-down corporate environments, we’re able to build & deploy a Dash app in just 3 days with Dash Enterprise, something that is impossible with a traditional full-stack software team."

    -F100 Energy Company

  • Stevie Award

    Plotly was awarded the 2023 Stevie Award for reducing ticket response time by 60% using own analytics product.

  • Lead data scientist, Brainpad Inc.

    "Thanks to Dash-Enterprise and their support team, we were able to develop a web application with a built-in mathematical optimization solver for our client at high speed."

    Hidenari Uoi

    Lead Data Scientist, BrainPad inc.

  • Large Enterprise Chemicals Company

    "In the past, we shared only historical data. With Plotly Dash, we have a solution for live data sharing of production information. This feature allows us to set up the performance of our units in real time."

    Data Engineer

    Large Enterprise Chemicals Company

  • Manager Data science, Ortec Finance

    "User friendly, saves 50% of time, and we have a new business model by sharing the insights to customers. "

    Lex Knape

    Manager Data science, Ortec Finance

  • Small Business Education Services Company

    "With Dash, I converted 30 or so multi-tab Excel dashboards with multiple data sources into a single dashboard, massively streamlining how we collect, process, and display data."

    Executive Director

    Small Business Education Services Company

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